About Us

Quality Club International is an important new initiative sponsored by the Italian Wine & Food Institute (a not for profit organization) to present Italian excellence in food and wine not yet known in the North American market (USA and Canada).

This unprecedented project is introducing the many existing small and medium size Italian companies, presently solely known in Italy, to the North American market, by emphasizing the innovation and quality of their products.

Quality Club International is therefore giving the American press and trade, and subsequently the American consumers, the opportunity to more easily discover those companies and their exceptional products.

Quality Club International is showcasing only those companies who create high quality products granting privilege to those small to medium size companies, with a solid business structure, who could successfully compete in foreign market.   

Membership in the Quality Club International will constitute by itself a certificate of excellence and a significant recognition of these companies and their quality products.

Each member of the Club is publicizing, on the Club’s website, (www.quality-club-international.com) their detailed company and their owner/s profile as well as their qualified production which will constitute a showcase of Italian excellence in the wine and food industry.

A visit to the Quality Club International website should therefore be the first step for North American companies and press interested in the Italian products to discover the best that Italy has to offer.

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